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Project Data

  • Project Category: NodeJS | ExpressJS | Bootstrap
  • Client: In house
  • Start Date: 21.09.2015
  • End Date: 23.09.2015
Project Features

  • Uses Express generator with EJS templates
  • Uses the Bootstrap theme Electric
  • Allows me play without clients (sorry)
  • Lets me do some pixel pushing


I've been doing .Net for years now and it's time for a change. I've also been doing JavaScript for almost 20 years too and it's a really exciting time for JS so it's time to join the party. I'm start an open source project but here I can play.


So over the coming months I will slowly make the site content more dynamic. I'm really using this project as a way to learn ExpressJS and EJS without worrying about anything else. It's also hosted on Heroku which is also something new for me, Git deployments are lovely.

This site is open source too, you can find the code here

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